• Samuha

    Empowering communities in 150 villages through IT

    Category: Civil Society Support

    Partner: Samuha

    Samuha is a CSO in Karnataka  initiated in 1987, that works with vulnerable people and facilitates people-owned development processes. Samuha derives its name from the Sanskrit  word ‘Samuha’ which means an organised group or society.  It   organises village communities for self-development in 150 villages and  is creating the first climate neutral village in India in Koppal district of Karnataka. Samuha  believes that semi-arid areas can meet the needs of its people if equitable development is practised. 

    Mahiti’s association with Samuha commenced in 2001. Samuha required a  web-based application to maintain the data of each village, besides mapping  these villages on either Google Earth or Google Map. Considering that the end users of the  product would not be competent in technology, Mahiti designed  a simple to operate yet stable application to maintain data on every  village. An Android application was also developed to capture the geo-location of the villages  where Samuha was working.

    Generation of reports, hitherto a very difficult task, has become an easy one with this application  and donors are happier to receive  timely reports on progress and to enhance the support.

    Uttam Kumar, responsible for technical aspects in Samuha, said, “Customised reports based on projections of locations of villages on Google Map are being generated, making our work much easier.”   know more

  • Trilochan Netralaya

    IT solutions and modern technology for world-class eye care for seven million people by 2020

    Category: Primary Health

    Partner: Trilochan Netralaya

    Trilochan Netralaya is a CSO set up in Odisha in 2008 with a mission to eliminate avoidable blindness from Odisha by 2020. Trilochan Netralaya is establishing Speciality Eye Care Hospitals in Western Odisha, especially in tribal areas, where they currently conduct 26,000 ophthalmic operations annually. Their work covers 16 districts of Odisha and seven million population.

    In  2015 Mahiti became the  the Institutional CTO (Chief Technical Officer) for Trilochan Netralaya to assist them in the use and adoption of IT solutions and modern technology. It is envisaged that these technological interventions will transform the way ophthalmic services are delivered and will help Trilochan Netralaya evolve into an exemplary Eye Care Institution in the country. Under this partnership, Mahiti will build skills and capacities within Trilochan Netralaya to sustain and manage the technology components independently. At the same time Mahiti is creating a Total Quality Management (TQM) System that could be replicated to expand the services of Trilochan Netralaya across Western Odisha.

  • White Swan Foundation

    Providing knowledge services on Mental Health

    Category: Mental Health

    Partner: White Swan Foundation

    White Swan Foundation is building India’s largest multi-lingual knowledge portal on mental health. Mahiti has been their technology partner since 2013. Mahiti is conceptualising the presentation of and facilitating the publishing of multilingual content. Their digital strategy is being developed jointly with Mahiti.

    White Swan Foundation is partnering with Mahiti as they found Mahiti has  "additional ability to better connect with the cause and walk the extra mile to understand the social impact we intend to create."

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