• 17000 Ft Foundation

    Improving education for 40,000 children in high-altitude government schools

    Category: Education

    Partner: 17000 Ft Foundation

    17000 Ft is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) in the Ladakh region of north India which works with around 850 Government schools covering approximately  40,000 children in the remote districts of Leh and Kargil.

    Mahiti has been working with 17000 Ft since 2013. Mahiti has built their portal and the MIS to monitor programmes across schools, such as library, teacher training and volunteering. Mahiti has also supplied a ‘Donor Management System’. 

    The next step in this  partnership is  to build a MIS to monitor pupils' learning outcomes. Know More

  • Civil Society Online

    Revamping the online portal to reach 100,000 subscribers

    Category: Civil Society Support

    Partner: Civil Society Online

    Civil Society Online is a Delhi-based independent media group that envisions information that can be trusted; its mission is to: “demonstrate that skilled journalists can build small, independent media enterprises that matter”.

    Since July 2015 Mahiti has been Civil Society Online’s Technology Partner and is currently re-developing their portal for acquiring 100,000 online subscribers over a three year period. Mahiti is undertaking a series of step-by-step upgrades to the existing site and its content. This will enable an e-magazine to be published, while ensuring that the portal bears a contemporary design, is social media-friendly and will enable revenue generation through  online subscriptions. Know More

  • Hivos

    Enhancing farm productivity and economic returns to 60,000 farmers in Africa

    Category: Agriculture

    Partner: Hivos

    Hivos (Humanistisch Instituut voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking or International Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries) is an international organisation that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. Its primary focus is on achieving structural change. Hivos works  with innovative businesses, citizens and their organisations. It supports  sustainable agricultural practices especially through farm producer cooperatives.

    Mahiti developed a MIS to enhance the productivity of farmer groups in  Kenya and Tanzania, in partnership with Hivos. Specifically Mahiti has developed two specialist applications: 1) OurCrop and 2) OurBank which are used by CSO partners of Hivos which work with farm producer cooperatives to collect data pertaining to about 60,000 farmers. Similar support is to be extended to new CSOs in Uganda and Tanzania during 2016.. Know More


  • India Cares Foundation

    Maximising online visibility of 900+ Civil Society Organisations

    Category: Civil Society Support

    Partner: India Cares Foundation

    India Cares Foundation (ICFn) established in 2000  creates a bridge  among CSOs, companies and society and provides CSOs a range of support services including assistance to raise financial and other resources. Most services are facilitated through the portal built by Mahiti. These include an online fundraising platform for individual giving. CSOs registered with ICFn are empowered to login and manage their profiles, fundraisers and donors. With the support of ICFn, CSOs have raised Indian Rupees (INR) 30 crore (US$ 5 million) since 2008. ICFn is  associated with 900+ Indian CSOs.

    As technology partner, Mahiti is in continual dialogue with ICFn to improve and maintain the portal. Know More

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