The next one and a half decade - 2016 to 2030 - is a period of tremendous opportunities for inclusive growth in various facets  of social development and limitless potential for IT/ICT to accelerate human development through innovative approaches that can bridge the digital divide. Technology is considered one of the key drivers of this potential progress.

The  portfolio of technology solutions designed for social development sector, delivered by Mahiti in partnership with CSOs, Governments and international development agencies, cover excluded categories of people and communities, countries considered low income and/or least developed and sectors where the MDGs failed to reach targets.  There is no baseline data available for many of the targets under the SDGs and  there is an urgency for improving data collection and building the capacities of the countries concerned. The niche market for Mahiti is therefore headed to an organic growth.

  • Agriculture


    Enabling farmer groups to gather and analyse data for mapping productivity,  forecasting input and resource requirements, gathering market intelligence and managing supply chains to enhance productivity and returns;

  • Civil Society Support


    Reaching out to a large constituency of CSOs and excluded communities positively impacting  their lives, as technology partner to facilitating CSOs or international development agencies;

  • Disability


    IT solutions to CSOs to improve services to those differently-abled; empowering the visually challenged with communication skills through e-Speak in native languages;

  • Education


    Technology tools to mainstream learning, teaching and monitoring systems for  education programmes of CSOs and Government, thereby enabling pupils and teachers to benefit from improved quality;

  • Health


    Technology solutions  covering primary  health and mental health, ranging from Big Data and Analytics  to knowledge portals, enabling CSOs to deliver high quality programmes through efficient information management;

  • HIV and AIDS


    End-to-end solutions for National IBBS in India, as  technology partner to NACO;  System Requirement Study for UNICEF for  tracking outcomes of programmes for  Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV;