• Akshara Foundation

    MIS to monitor the quality of education for a million+ children in government schools

    Category: Education

    Client: Akshara Foundation

    Akshara Foundation is a  Public Charitable Trust set up in 2000, with a State-wide programme coverage in Karnataka. It collaborates with the State  Government to enhance the quality of education through a project known as the Karnataka Learning Partnership (KLP).

    Mahiti built the required Management Information System (MIS) software which now monitors 35,000 Government schools and Anganwadis covering a million-plus children. The MIS records attendance and assesses performance of both pupils and teachers with a view to improve the quality of education.  Mahiti having developed the software, now has a maintenance contract to up-date data and keep the application running. Know more

    Duration: 02 August 2010 to 01 August 2011

  • Child Rights Trust (CRT)

    Designing and developing a website on child rights

    Category: Education

    Client: Child Rights Trust (CRT)

    Established in 2002 as a CSO in Bangalore, CRT advocates child rights and child-friendly governance across India, especially Karnataka. It sensitises elected representatives and staff of local governance bodies and health care and school staff and was instrumental in setting up Child Rights Grama Sabhas. CRT currently plays a vital role in the State Task Force for the  Right to Education Act (RTE) and hosts the Childline 1098 in Karnataka responding to incidents of child abuse, trafficking and other forms of violence against children. 

    CRT required a website that profiles its range of work, creates awareness on child rights and raises support for its programmes.  Mahiti designed and developed a website that highlights child rights and the relevant legislations, enabling better advocacy and reach among the public. The website was built with a Content Management System enabling CRT team to sustain and manage the site independently. Know More

    Duration: 15 March to 14 May 2014


  • India Cares Foundation

    Edu Daan Campaign to support Government Schools

    Category: Education

    Client: India Cares Foundation

    India Cares Foundation provides a huge platform to education sector under Daan Utsav. Edu Daan is a new campaign under Daan Utsav to support Government schools in urban and rural Bangalore. It seeks support from private schools in Bangalore to run a fundraising campaign through its students for the government schools. This campaign is “for the students of Government schools by the students of private schools”. Edu Daan also  targets corporates to raise funds through employee contribution or from CSR budgetlines. 

    Mahiti is engaged in supporting and rolling out Edu Daan through ICFn.

    Know More

  • India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)

    Developing a website

    Category: Education

    Client: India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)

    IFA is a national, grant-making CSO  that supports practice, research and education in the arts in India. Set up as a Public Charitable Trust in 1993, IFA started making grants in 1995. IFA enriches the practice and knowledge of, widens public access to, and strengthens capacities and infrastructure in the arts in India. IFA has supported over 400 arts projects disbursing over Rs 21 crores (INR 210 million, about  3.1 million US$) in twenty-one States across India. IFA supports art practice, art research and art education.
    Mahiti had designed and built  their website.  Know More

    Duration: 2003

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