• Bubbles Centre for Autism(BCA)

    Designing and developing a new website with Content Management System

    Category: Disability

    Client: Bubbles Centre for Autism(BCA)

    A CSO located in Bengaluru, BCA  provides educational and developmental programmes for children in the Autism spectrum. It is a CSO whose vision is to  make a positive difference in the quality of life of both children and their families, touched by Autism. BCA respects and recognises each child as an individual, to help enhance his/ her sense of self-worth and self-esteem. BCA Team aims to bridge the gaps among children affected by Autism, their families and society and to ensure these children become self-reliant and productive members of society. 

    BCA wanted to rebuild its existing website to showcase itself as a leader and knowledge centre on working with children with Autism, besides profiling BCA’s work to enhance its visibility in order to raise financial resources for its programmes. BCA also required their team to be in a position to easily update and revise  the website independently. 

    Based on these specifications Mahiti architected and redesigned the website and developed a Content Management System to enable BCA to independently manage the site.Know More

    Duration: 05 July to 04 September 2013


  • Centre for Internet & Society (CIS)

    eSpeak - an empowering communication tool for the visually challenged

    Category: Disability

    Client: Centre for Internet & Society (CIS)

    CIS is a Bangalore-based CSO that undertakes interdisciplinary research on internet and digital technologies within policy and academic spheres. CIS’ priorities include digital accessibility for persons with diverse abilities, access to knowledge, intellectual property rights, openness, internet governance, telecommunication reform, digital privacy and cyber-security. CIS conducts academic research on  reconfigurations of social and cultural processes and structures as mediated through the internet and digital media technologies. It also explores, intervenes in and advances contemporary discourse and practices around internet, technology and society in India and elsewhere.

    eSpeak is an open-source speech synthesiser primarily for the visually challenged. eSpeak works on Linux and Windows.  http://  

    Mahiti developed e-Speak in eight Indian regional languages – Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Manipuri, Sindhi (Arabic), Odiya and Telugu. 

    Prior to CIS’ association with Mahiti, eSpeak had only a few Indian regional language dictionaries where exception words (those that do not follow the general pattern of pronunciation logic) were not fully defined. To address this gap, a systematic approach to pronunciation was defined by Mahiti and subsequently included in eSpeak. Know More

    Duration: 03 December 2012 to  to 25 November  2014

  • Mobility India (MI)

    Re-designing & developing the website with Content Management System

    Category: Disability

    Client: Mobility India (MI)

    Set up in 1994, Mobility India is a Bangalore-based CSO that focuses on people with disabilities, their families and other disadvantaged groups and works on achieving equal rights and quality of life for them. It works to achieve provisions in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), Incheon Strategy to “Make the Right Real” for persons with disabilities and all relevant National Legislations. Mobility India also assists in building capabilities of grassroots organizations in the field of disability, development, rehabilitation and assistive technology. 

    Mobility India intended to get its existing website redesigned and rebuilt to project itself as a leading agency and a repository of knowledge and information on disability issues. They required a portal built on Content Management System so their staff could independently upload the content. This was to be an interactive site which would enable visitors to share the stories on social media, sign up for events and newsletters and make donations.

    Mahiti thus architected and redesigned the portal with a Content Management System along with a payment gateway. Know More

    Duration: 21 May to 20 July 2013



  • Sama Foundation(SF)

    Widening the supporter base though a website and a brochure

    Category: Disability

    Client: Sama Foundation(SF)

    Sama  was established in 2005 as a CSO to address the gaps in access to and quality of education for children with disability. Sama  aims to develop a society where ‘all are equal’, meaning  all are free from hunger, poverty, discrimination and exploitation. Sama envisions  a team of people with disabilities managing the organisation and implementing  its programmes. 

    Sama wanted a site  that allows better web presence and mobilisation of support and a brochure that can introduce its work  to a range of potential stakeholders and supporters.  Mahiti architected, designed and developed Sama’s website and also designed and developed a brochure with a fundraising perspective,  targeting potential supporters and donors.Know More

    Duration: 04 February  to 03 April 2013


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