• Score Foundation

    Re-designing and development of Eyeway intranet and extranet

    Category: Disability

    Client: Score Foundation

    Score Foundation is a CSO located in New Delhi, India. Established over 10 years ago, It disseminates information on life with blindness, through Project Eyeway, to minimize discrimination and to empower the visually impaired community, so they could  contribute to society.  

    Set up in 2003, the Eyeway website is the flagship project of Score Foundation.  Project Eyeway was launched in order to  change the mindsets of people towards those with blindness. Eyeway is an interactive information hub on anything and everything related to blindness. 
    Mahiti was assigned the task of rebuilding Eyeway website first in March 2008 and then again in March 2013, this website was re-launched with a new look, better accessibility features and a Content Management System  that enabled the Foundation team  to manage the website independently and upload content more frequently.  Know More

  • Sense International (India)

    A portal to represent the issues of deafblind people

    Category: Disability

    Client: Sense International (India)

    Sense International India, also known as Sense India,  was established in 1997 as the first national CSO  to support the development of comprehensive services and training for serving children and adults who are both deaf and blind. The programme, covering a range of services  being developed throughout India in conjunction with CSOs and the Government, is presented on the website which also enables on-line donations. Currently Sense India is working in 23 States of India through a network of 57 partner NGOs,  transforming the lives of more than 71,500 deafblind people.

    Mahiti was assigned to  build a website to project the work of Sense India and the issues  of  those with deafblindness. Mahiti built this portal  on a Content Management System which  enables  Sense India staff to upload and edit content. This is  an interactive site, where visitors ask questions and receive answers and sign up for events, donations, and newsletter, besides accessing Sense India's publications. There are separate sections for special groups like  teachers, carers and partners. The system also enables search engine optimisation. Know More

    Duration: 01 August 2012 to 04 July 2014

  • VAANi Deaf Children's Foundation

    Enhancing voice and visibility of deaf children through a portal

    Category: Disability

    Client: VAANi Deaf Children's Foundation

    VAANi Deaf Children’s Foundation is a registered Public Trust based in Kolkata. VAANi stands for ‘sound of the soul’, and exists as a platform for deaf children and their families to make themselves heard. It works with local organisations in several  States of India  and builds the capacity of organisations working specifically with deaf children and their families as well as of organisations working on cross-disability issues.VAANi is the  only national-level agency in India that focuses on issues of childhood deafness.

    VAANi needed to enhance its profile and strengthen its visibility in order to run financially sustainable programmes for deaf children and Mahiti was contracted to make this happen.

    Mahiti undertook a diagnostics on VAANi’s strengths and opportunities and developed possibilities and projections of resource mobilisation options available. This also involved reviewing the messages relayed through VAANi's communications. Mahiti worked with  VAANi team to develop both short-term and long term action plans to ensure communications and fundraising strategies that enable sustainable programmes. Know More

    Duration: 01 September to 15 November 2013

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