Our eBusiness brand:  

Our eBusiness brand:

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Our brand, has been developing state-of-the-art eCommerce portals for leading businesses that helps impact social initiatives!

If you are reading this, you probably know that we develop a wide range of technology solutions for social initiatives, ranging from web portals to complex Management Information Systems. What you may not know is that has a sister concern called ‘’ that develops web portals, mobile applications and eCommerce solutions for businesses. This helps us apply learnings to the portals we have developed for ‘India Cares’, which enables social organisations to promote their work and raise resources; and ‘White Swan Foundation’, which is a portal to assist those associated with the challenge of mental health. 

As you all know, the eCommerce bug has swept across India and we have had the privilege of working with some leading brands to develop their own web stores and support their brand. The following are some of the recent sites we are working on. Have a look...
Cafe Coffee Day is probably India's most popular coffee shop being Asia's second largest network of coffee estates and small growers. Their mission is to simply be the best Cafe chain by offering world-class coffee experience at affordable prices. To further the experience of their customers and patrons, Coffee Day required a robust and dynamic web portal that would allow visitors to go through their products, stores and shop online. Cafe Coffee Day sells their merchandise online with it's store:  which we developed.
Wrogn is a youth fashion brand that has been co-created with and for the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. The Wrogn web store showcases their line of menswear ranging from T-shirts and shirts to jeans and trousers. Providing details for shipping, returns etc, the site ensures every visitor can easily navigate and purchase exactly what they are looking for. The Wrogn e-commerce store has been operational since February 2015.
Imara is a fashion brand for women that marries the traditional with the modern. The brand is co-created with Shraddha Kapoor of Aashiqui 2 fame. The web store showcases a large range of women's clothes and easily provides visitors with detailed information about the garment, and ease of navigation to checkout and purchase the product. The Imara e-commerce store has been operational since February 2015.
down etc at home is an international brand based in San Francisco, for bedding and bath products especially designed to fit the needs of the hospitality industry. The down etc at home web store allows visitors to easily browse through all their products, providing detailed specifications for each product and enabling easy online orders and purchases. The down etc at home e-commerce store has been operational since 2012. has moved from developing simple websites to preparing multi-functional portals - our next move is towards portals becoming centers for building communities. If you are interested, even excited about this development, please be in touch with us and let us discuss opportunities!