The quick guide to a good annual report May 28, 2015, 11:09 a.m.

The quick guide to a good annual report
Summary: It's that time of the year where many of you must be starting to think about getting your 2014-15 Annual Report together. So, we thought it would be useful to go through some important things to keep in mind while making your annual report.
Description:   Mine's bigger! So if you're thinking that a big fat annual report sends a message to a donor that you have been doing lots of work in the last year, think again. No one likes to read a big fat annual report that drones on about every little thing the organisation did. So when you are planning your annual report, first think about number of pages and size. Ideally, all annual reports should be less than …read more

The 'accidental run' and other adventures at the World 10K May 21, 2015, 11:15 a.m.

The 'accidental run' and other adventures at the World 10K
Summary: The TCS World 10K was last weekend, 17 May 2015. Inspite of the rains, people came in thousands to participate in Bangalore's annual event. Our very own Project Manager, Arun Kumar, volunteered for India Cares and then went on to accompany the Champions of Disability run. Here's his account of his first run and the other Mr Arun Kumar, he had the privilege of meeting.
Description:     I cannot really express the experience I had – running and most importantly, completing my first Run with Champions with Disability was exciting and this was my first-ever attempt at running in an event!    I was volunteering to help out the previous day at Kanteerava Stadium. I must say, the stadium looked like a swimming pool due to the heavy rains. The Event day I got to Kanteerava Stadium at 6.15 in …read more

Supporting relief work at Nepal  April 29, 2015, 12:44 p.m.

Supporting relief work at Nepal
Summary: A quick look at what you can do to support relief efforts at Nepal
Description:   Undoubtedly you have all been closely watching the extent of lives lost and the damage that the Earthquake in and around Nepal has caused and been praying for its people. Reportedly Nepal's worst earthquake to hit in 80 years, is said to now push back Nepal's economy by more than a decade. While the need of the hour are relief efforts to meet the needs of the more than 9200 people injured and rescue and evacuation efforts …read more

Run at the TCS World 10K and raise money for a cause! April 15, 2015, 9:31 a.m.

Run at the TCS World 10K and raise money for a cause!
Summary: The TCS World 10K is fast gaining popularity as a motivator for healthy living and supporting charity – while Bengaluru has taken well to the 'healthy living' part of the Event over the years, there's much more to be done to get people to support voluntary work.
Description: The Bengaluru TCS World 10K is an annual event certified by AIMS, organised by Procam International that has professional runners from all over the World  participating in what is the highest prized 10km road-running competition in the world – US$160,000. But an important feature of the TCS World 10K is the participation of citizens and a growing culture to improve health and raise money for charity with the likes of Kannada film star Puneeth Rajkumar as the Brand Ambassador. …read more

Ketto-set-go! Jan. 29, 2015, 11:20 a.m.

Summary: Make way for India's online crowd-funding platform for your online strategy in 2015!
Description: Crowd-funding is here to stay. Definitely! In a previous article we spoke to Pavitra Chalam of Curley Street Media, who crowd-funded India's largest successful crowd funded non-fiction film. Now we take a peek into India's very own online crowd-funding platforms –   Ketto, founded by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala and Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor, has more than 300 voluntary organisations; 10,000 donors and over Rs 2 Crores raised. Most of you might remember Ketto from …read more

'Rooting for crowd-funding' Jan. 12, 2015, 3:30 a.m.

'Rooting for crowd-funding'
Summary: How an independent film production house raised money online to film their movie 'Rooting for Roona' that aims to bring awareness on the state of children's healthcare in India.
Description: Thousands of children in India are born with congenital birth anomalies and are ignored and shunned by the healthcare system and the society at large. Roona is one such girl from a remote part of Tripura, who suffers from Hydrocephalus, a birth defect caused by a build-up of fluid in the brain leading to massive swelling of the head. While Roona's case caught the attention of the media which was able to garner support from a wide audience to …read more

5 Ways a Well Designed Website can Boost your Fundraising Efforts Dec. 9, 2014, 7:54 a.m.

5 Ways a Well Designed Website can Boost your Fundraising Efforts
Summary: Five basic but must-do tips for your NGO's website!
Description: As per the 2014 Fundraising Technology Trends that surveyed 142 fundraisers on the use of technology to boost fundraising efforts, it emerged that web based communication is a crucial channel. 3 out of 4 non profit organisations use their own website for fundraising. Your website is the first glimpse that prospective donors have of what you do. You have to get the right message across to loosen those purse strings.   Here are 5 ways to …read more

Training to Fundraise March 3, 2013, 5:37 a.m.

Training to Fundraise
Summary: Raise friends and funds through the TCS World10K Run - 2013
Description: Within Mahiti, Trupti who specialises in communications and Aysha in databases, have been joining Meena Dave of Bangalore Cares to conduct training courses for NGOs who have registered to raise funds through the TCS World 10K Run.  The day-long training helps NGO representatives understand the opportunities they have to go out and speak about their work to individuals, companies and institutions like schools.  The groups are kept small, no more than 10 people, so that training can be …read more

Leprosy is still with us in India Feb. 20, 2013, 6:23 a.m.

Leprosy is still with us in India
Summary: The need for greater public awareness and finances
Description: Leprosy was first identified in Egypt 3,500 years ago. Here in India the government declared leprosy ‘eliminated’ (1 case per 10,000 populations) in 2005. This is NOT the same as ‘eradication’. The consequence has been considerably reduced public awareness and funds for services. Recent surveys show that there are at least 150,000 new cases are being identified each year and millions of people affected in the past live with trauma, stigma and discrimination. NGOs have largely been responsible …read more
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