Post-man! Post man! June 4, 2015, 4:37 p.m.

Post-man! Post man!

Summary :

Today's post-man isn't the one who delivers letters but the one in-charge of posting updates and stories on your facebook page. We know what it's like to search high and low for something to post on your Facebook or Twitter to keep the momentum of social media dialogue and activity going on, on your Organisation's page. Here's three tips we have learnt along the way!


Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!
The first thing to do is to find relevant news portals, forums, etc that might be aggregating or creating articles of interest. Now, articles of interest must be able to fit in themes that your organisation is involved or interested in or is a voice for. So before you starting researching on the right type of portals, make sure you are clear on the issues and themes that your organisation wants to participate in and dialogue about. Once you subscribe, everyday you will have several newsletters come in that you can go through to find a good piece to share and add your comments to. What we also find is that videos do better than plain text articles.
The best content to post, is original content. It reaches more people and by the end of the day, continuously sharing other's content cannot reflect your organisation's voice. So make sure your organisation maintains a blog with a new article published every week. No, it's not easy – coming up with interesting and varied topics every week gets to be tough as time goes along, but it's worth it! Also try short testimonials or stories of change with good photographs as original content.
Like, Share, Retweet
Apart from posting articles, do also follow other relevant pages and retweet or share things that they post that seem to fit into your theme. Also look out for what's trending, use hashtags and tag other organisations or people as you share. This will help increase followers and reach of your own pages or accounts.
That's our two-bits on finding posts for your organisation's social media. All the best!