Supporting relief work at Nepal  April 29, 2015, 12:44 p.m.

Supporting relief work at Nepal

Summary :

A quick look at what you can do to support relief efforts at Nepal


Undoubtedly you have all been closely watching the extent of lives lost and the damage that the Earthquake in and around Nepal has caused and been praying for its people. Reportedly Nepal's worst earthquake to hit in 80 years, is said to now push back Nepal's economy by more than a decade. While the need of the hour are relief efforts to meet the needs of the more than 9200 people injured and rescue and evacuation efforts of those still trapped; news sources report aroun 450,000 people homeless, the imminent spread of water-borne and infectious diseases and UNICEF reports that atleast one million children will need care and attention.
The short and long term of support 
There's a long road ahead before Nepal can get back to some semblance of normalcy but, we can help. If you've been wondering how, here are some links to donate to highly reputable organisations that are working on rescue and relief operations in Nepal, many of whom have a lot of experience in working during emergencies. 
For now, just pick one that works for you, to give a donation towards immediate relief work – some organisations have tie-ups that will ensure matching grants, making your contribution that much more significant. In a few weeks, more information will surface on specific needs that must be met and work on the ground that you can support over a longer time frame. Keep reading up on Nepal and choose organisations that have a longer term plan and choose goals that are sustainable or that have bigger impact and plan to stay for atleast a few years before moving out (you should also seriously think about making Nepal a regular donation as long as it takes!) 
Also follow the organisation you choose (and others) on Twitter or Facebook for updates on their work on-the-ground. That would be a great way to see the direction of their work, challenges faced and plans ahead.
Indian organisations working to raise money to help with relief efforts
There are also some Indian organisations that are working to raise resources and to work on immediate relief work in Nepal. However, these organisations are working hard to get permissions from the government to raise resources that can be spent on releif work outside India – Nepal. We shall update you on organisations that are able to do this but till then:
The Indian crowdfunding platform has partnered with Care India to raise money for Survival kits that cost Rs 5000 each. is hosting fundraising pages set up by various people, including Bollywood celebrities to raise money towards this.
Goonj is also known to be an expert at disaster response and is in the process of collecting specific items and doing paper work to allow their operations to cross borders. You could go through their list of requirements here but truth be told, it is most convenient for relief workers to be able to 'buy' what is needed with the money you contribute. 
Last but definitely not least, there the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund through which Companies could even make donations through their CSR.