Training to Fundraise  

Training to Fundraise

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Raise friends and funds through the TCS World10K Run - 2013

Within Mahiti, Trupti who specialises in communications and Aysha in databases, have been joining Meena Dave of Bangalore Cares to conduct training courses for NGOs who have registered to raise funds through the TCS World 10K Run.  The day-long training helps NGO representatives understand the opportunities they have to go out and speak about their work to individuals, companies and institutions like schools.  The groups are kept small, no more than 10 people, so that training can be adapted to the situation of an individual NGO. So far representatives from 24 NGOs have participated in the training.

The day begins with an introduction to the event: The Mumbai Marathon began in 2004; the Delhi Half-marathon in 2005; the Bangalore 10K in 2008. The events, organised to international race standards, have been held every year since. All are opportunities for ‘good causes’ to raise funds. Each year income in all events has gone up… since the beginning through all of these events Rs 110+ crore (US$ 20+ million) has been raised by good causes.  This year it is anticipated that NGOs will raise through the World 10K about Rs 5 crore; in 2012 Rs 3+ crore was raised.

Important aspects of the Bangalore event are shared: For example 80% of income comes from individuals; 20% from companies.  Thus it is important for NGOs to focus on encouraging individuals to donate – and this is best done by individuals such as Board members, Heads of organisations, staff, and their friends going out and speaking about their work and their financial needs.

The training lays special emphasis on ‘mind-mapping’ opportunities and then setting a target. (Successful fundraising always begins by thinking about who might support your cause and then making an assessment as to how much you should aim to raise!)  Another important aspect of the training is working out how to describe your cause in a short straight-forward statement, without NGO jargon, and knowing how much to ask for! By the end of the day participants are charged up and believe that it really is possible to set targets and raise very useful income. We all look forward to seeing the results!

For information on how to register your NGO to fundraaise through the TCS World 10K 2013 check out:    The TCS World 10K is on 19 May.