We want to speak in English, we want to document our lives on the tablets...  

We want to speak in English, we want to document our lives on the tablets...

Summary :

Notes from our training session with 55 women leaders in the districts of North Karnataka; Names of participants have been changed for confidential purposes.

We completed the first round of Magic Slate ICT training sessions and it was a thought-provoking, as well as an overwhelming experience for us. We heard stories, and life experiences of these women leaders. The stories revolved around challenges, hurdles and learning curves at the same time.

The training was a two-way learning process. These women are fast learners. They showed great enthusiasm and dedication to learn to use the Tablets - they quickly learned how to take short video clips, photos and are now working on a project where they shall be creating digital stories with the Tablets.Samraksha managed a loan and has handed over the tablets to all 55 women.  

Shares Shyama, “My parents never bothered about my ambitions and dreams. Today, when I receive this tablet from Samraksha and Mahiti, with so much love and affection, I feel lucky and emotional at the same time.”

The two day workshop began with participants sharing their experiences from the past few months, followed by a group activity about the understanding of the internet world. To our surprise, the women seemed more aware and familiar with technology, than what we anticipated.

Shares Lakshmi, “I was so eager to open an email account. I would often ask people around me in office how I do open my mail, and that is how I learned about the world wide web. Ever since I knew I was getting a Tablet, I would practice on my mobile phone and feel excited to receive the Tablet soon.”

The women discussed the impact that technology could have on their work as women leaders. The women run programmes on AIDS prevention and awareness, and they are eager to use the Tablets in documenting their work. But most of all, to these women, the Tablet and the opportunity to learn, is a turning point - that they are not left behind, that they too have the right to information and opportunity as others more fortunate.

A woman leader becomes a resource in the community and carries others with her. Shares Roshni, “We want to learn and then teach other members of the the community as well.”

This project requires the support of individuals like you to ensure we can empower these women with the knowledge and skill to access information, contribute to dialogue on the rights of women and develop the communities they live in.