23rd December the birthday of former Prime Minister, Late Choudhary Charan Singh is observed as the Kisan Divas in India. On this day many organisations conduct  seminars to discuss about farmers rights, agricultural practices, policies, guidelines and their implementation and so on. This aligns with the Sustainable Development Goal 2 which aims at Zero Hunger: to end all forms of hunger and …read more

Impact of Technology in Social Sector - Workshop at Kristu Jayanti College   

Mahiti Infotech Pvt Ltd (  presented a special lecture on Impact of Technology in Social Sector and demonstrated the Convene platform at Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore for the Masters Social Work students on 08 July 2016. The content of the presentation was to demonstrate the Impact of technology in the social sector. The presentation began by welcoming the guest. The students and the staff welcomed the guest with a welcome speech and introduction of the speaker Mr.Sreekanth S …read more

Magento Payment Gateway Extension - Baked at Mahiti & Free for You to Download  

Mahiti has been a strong proponent, user and contributor to the open source world. This time around we have contributed an extension to the Magento eCommerce Community. Magento is a cloud-based digital commerce platform to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. Magento is being widely used by many large and small eCommerce stores. During the process of implementation of Magento we realised that there is a shortage of good modules for payment gateway integrations with many Indian payment …read more


Like most people in the social development sector, I had thought of ‘technology’ as Latin and Greek or rocket science - something beyond mere mortals like me. But that was till I came across the use of mobile technology for implementing and monitoring financial inclusion programmes. That was more than  two decades ago.  I  was then hooked on to the idea of deploying mobile technology to arrest gender-based violence especially some of the more grotesque forms of it like …read more

Scripting a New Life on a ‘Magic Slate’  

Since 1993, Samraksha, a Bangalore-based Civil society Organisation, has been tirelessly working with HIV-impacted communities and those at high risk of contracting HIV including women in sex work.  Samraksha’s commitment to making communities own and sustain HIV responses has led to not one but many success stories of collective community action and empowerment of once-excluded and abused individuals especially  women in sex work.  While exploring innovative means to empower these much-maligned women, Samraksha ventured into  the off-beat path of Information …read more

Against all odds  

As humans we have a tendency to crib about traffic, roads, weather, education system, schools, teachers, knowledge, skill, community, migrants, languages and a myriad of other issues that bother us at the personal level on an everyday basis.  But there are a few who dare to think beyond their own lives and think a lot more about those who do not enjoy the little comforts and joys of life that we take for granted. Sujata Sahu …read more