Summary: Make way for India's online crowd-funding platform for your online strategy in 2015!
Crowd-funding is here to stay. Definitely! In a previous article we spoke to Pavitra Chalam of Curley Street Media, who crowd-funded India's largest successful crowd funded non-fiction film. Now we take a peek into India's very own online crowd-funding platforms –   Ketto, founded by Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala and Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor, has more than 300 voluntary organisations; 10,000 donors and over Rs 2 Crores raised. Most of you might remember Ketto from more

4 Reasons Why It’s Crucial to Make Technology Accessible to Rural Leaders  

Summary: Our trainings with women leaders from rural areas have shown us the limitless opportunities that they access once technology is accessible.
Knowledge is strength and it can empower even the weakest individual with tremendous power. Over the years, the internet has made it easy for almost every individual to learn on his or her own. Open courseware, detailed guides, free resources, and expert help makes it possible to empower yourself with knowledge and expertise. However, all of this depends on access to affordable technology.    Communities located in far-flung areas usually do not have access to internet, electricity, more

'Rooting for crowd-funding'  

Summary: How an independent film production house raised money online to film their movie 'Rooting for Roona' that aims to bring awareness on the state of children's healthcare in India.
Thousands of children in India are born with congenital birth anomalies and are ignored and shunned by the healthcare system and the society at large. Roona is one such girl from a remote part of Tripura, who suffers from Hydrocephalus, a birth defect caused by a build-up of fluid in the brain leading to massive swelling of the head. While Roona's case caught the attention of the media which was able to garner support from a wide audience to more

5 Ways a Well Designed Website can Boost your Fundraising Efforts  

Summary: Five basic but must-do tips for your NGO's website!
As per the 2014 Fundraising Technology Trends that surveyed 142 fundraisers on the use of technology to boost fundraising efforts, it emerged that web based communication is a crucial channel. 3 out of 4 non profit organisations use their own website for fundraising. Your website is the first glimpse that prospective donors have of what you do. You have to get the right message across to loosen those purse strings.   Here are 5 ways to more

Technology for All  

Summary: Of Information, Communication and Technology
Shares Trupti, Head, Communications, Mahiti, "Magic Slate training is proving to be a two way learning process for us. With each training, we get to explore newer approaches and perspectives of women leaders using technology. Im joining my colleague Aysha this time and we will be looking at having women access information relevant to their work, create their own content and contribute to the sector and share learnings with their communities Like us! Like our Magic Slatepage! more

Mahiti aspires to be one of the leading digital/web agencies globally  

Summary: My colleagues, clients and vendors who come with different mindsets, give me a reason to sit back and think before making vital decisions
My journey with Mahiti began in the year 2000. The journey so far has been very exciting, with its share of ups and downs, milestones and hurdles. Like every other organisation of our scale, there have been challenges at each step and each of these challenges have led us to come up with unique solutions which have made the journey intriguing and engrossing. My learnings are derived from working with diverse sectors and it has proved more